March 2023 Astrological Update

Carmen and Sherianna discuss astrological energy affecting us in March 2023.

Moon Signs & Healing

Most people know what their sun sign is. It’s based on the day and month we are born. In astrology, the sun sign represents our main personality, identity, where we shine, and how other people see us. In my opinion, the moon sign is an even more important part of our personality. Emotions are powerful and the moon in our birth chart shows our inner emotional nature. Our moon sign is the part of ourselves that we often hide or only express when we really get to know someone. The sun sign is our outer appearance and the moon represents our reactions, tendencies, and urges. 
    The moon travels through each zodiac sign every two to three days. It’s important to understand our moon sign because it represents where we feel emotional fulfillment, comfort, and passion.  Our emotional nature and how we express our feelings will be impacted by the sign the moon is in when we are born. It’s important to calculate your birth chart so you can know exactly what sign and house the moon is located. You will need your month, date and year of birth, exact time of birth, and place of birth to calculate an accurate birth chart.  You can do this by visiting
    My favorite thing about each moon sign helps me understand other people’s emotional natures. There are twelve moon signs and each is ruled by a natural element: Fire, Air, Earth and Water.  Below I will discuss each moon sign and some of their strengths.
    Aries moon people are resilient, strong, determined and able to push forward quickly after negative emotional experiences. I like how they never give up. Taurus moon people are patient, stable, affectionate, and calm. I like how they make up their mind and slowly work hard to achieve their goals.
    Gemini moon people are friendly, witty, restless, communicative, and social. I like how they can adapt to situations and change their emotional reactions in the moment. Cancer moon people are intuitive, nurturing, protective of their loved ones, and moody. I like how they ensure that their loved ones are taken care of when they are sick or have problems. Leo moon people are charming, fun, playful, confident, and romantic. I like how they make you feel special and encourage those they care about to express themselves.
    Virgo moon people are perfectionists, shy, hardworking, high-strung, and excellent at communicating what they really feel. I like how they can take over in a disorganized environment and bring order and stability in crisis situations. Libra moon people are peaceful, easy-going, fair, and focused on pleasing others. I like how they can make you feel better with their calm emotional presence.
    Scorpio moon people are intense, secretive, deep, powerful, and strong. I like how they are self-reliant, perceptive, good listeners, and transformative healers. Sagittarius moon people are on the move, restless, adventurous, and independent. I like how they always try to be positive and help others grow more optimistic.
    Capricorn moon people are serious, practical, responsible, and reserved. I like how they work hard to achieve what they want, their determination to succeed, and how loyal they are to those they love. Aquarius moon people are detached, eccentric, creative, freedom-loving, and friendly. I like how they are not afraid to be different and unique. Pisces moon people are compassionate, spiritual, creative, artistic, and romantic. I like how they are not afraid to love and express their emotions in deep ways.
    All twelve moon signs have strengths that help them overcome challenges in life and become more resilient. Astrology is a map of the soul and when we understand our moon sign, then we can understand our inclinations, tendencies, and urges. We can tap into what makes us feel alive and find emotional fulfillment.

Truth Be Told Transformation YouTube Interview

Carmen discusses her new book "Moon Signs, Houses, and Healing" and her previous book released last year "Sun Signs, Houses, and Healing. She discusses her favorite thing about each astrological sun sign and moon sign. She discusses in-depth astrology and how it can help us heal, transform, and become more resilient.

January 2023 Astrological Forecast

Carmen discusses the astrological energy affecting us in January. Pesky mercury retrograde is delaying our plans and causing miscommunication and conflict. Mars in Gemini has been retrograde but turns direct this month, helping us express our frustration and thoughts better. This is a month of reflection and thinking about what we want to achieve.

February 2023 Astrological Forecast

Carmen discusses the astrological energy impacting us all during the month of February 2023 with host Sherianna Boyle from Just Ask Spirit Podcast. We discuss the full moon in Leo on February 5 and the romantic, passionate, fun energy that is influencing us this month.

Venus in the 12th House Lesson Learns

Carmen discusses what it's like to have Venus in the 12th house in the birth chart.

Venus in the 12th Astrological House

Carmen discusses the energy and experiences of those with the planet Venus placed in the twelfth house of their astrology chart.

Mercury in Eighth House (Excerpt from Phoenixes & Angels)

When Mercury is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who hides their thoughts and ideas from others. It is difficult for you to trust someone because you are a very private person. Blessed with a perceptive mind seeing through fakeness, superficiality, and verbal accolades is a gift. There is a need for conversation that’s deep and meaningful. You enjoy probing the minds of others and enjoy trying to figure out if others are telling you the truth. Mental games and exercises strengthen the mind. Mental connections lead to greater emotional connections.

Born as an imaginative thinker, you excel by diving deep into complex subjects and solving problems. Understanding how things work on a deeper level brings comfort. Your mind is like a sponge absorbing everything going on in the environment. This ability can lead to confusion, irritability, and depression. You pick up other people’s thoughts easily and it’s hard to differentiate your own thoughts. Psychically gifted, you might have the ability to read minds, although you may not even realize it. Gifted with listening to others you are able to help others who have problems to share. Others like to discuss their secrets and similar spiritual interests with you. You enjoy talking with others about important life matters such as life, death, love, finances, and property.

You make an excellent psychologist or counselor. You have communication abilities that pull out the truth in others. Sensing what is going on with others, you are able to verbalize the words they need to hear. Your gift of expression touches others on a deep emotional level. If you like someone you may never tell them directly. Internalizing your anger can lead to explosions where you use your sharp tongue and lash out at others. Writing down your intense thoughts and ideas in a journal would be beneficial. Writing is a good stress reliever.

Enjoyment comes through reading detective books, mystery novels, and metaphysical books on topics such as astrology, tarot, numerology, and healing. It is important to discuss spiritual topics with people who are trusted and who challenge your belief system. You would benefit by studying the paranormal and researching mystical phenomena.

Mars in the Eighth House (Excerpt from Phoenixes & Angels)

When Mars is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who has a strong sexual nature. You often find yourself involved in relationships that are deep and highly sexual. Bonding with someone on a physical level makes it difficult to ever let go of that person. You become jealous, angry, obsessive and find yourself drawn to intense, unhealthy relationships. You enjoy pushing people to the breaking point and can be reckless in your dealings with others. Temper flare-ups and emotional outbursts are common. Living on the edge, seeking an adrenaline rush through speeding, skydiving, and risky behavior can lead to accidents. You are an intensely passionate person who experiences dramatic shifts in emotion although you try to repress them. There is a need to control your intense feelings and keep things hidden from others. You can be fiercely private and reclusive when you feel vulnerable. On the other hand you can lash out at others in a fiery rage of anger.

Exercising regularly and having a physical outlet for all of your intense energy will help balance emotions. Repressing your emotions, sexual urges, and desires can make you vulnerable to illness. Avoiding extremes and finding a healthy balance should be part of your self-care plan. You’re known for restricting yourself of things or overindulging in them because you are an “all or nothing” type of person.

Intuitive, insightful, perceptive and blessed with a strong imagination you have a gift for digging up secrets. You can excel in police or detective work where you can serve behind the scenes in some way. You have an inquisitive mind and an eye for detail. Researching and delving deeply into topics that require investigative skills suit your personality. People are drawn to you and like to share their problems. To process your complex emotional nature, you need alone time. Experiencing conflicts with family over inheritances, land, wills, and the material resources of someone close to you is common. There can be challenges with the marriage partner. You may inherit money from your father, grandfather or through a male family member. You might have to battle to claim what was given to you or may be cut out of someone’s will because of your aggressive behavior.

You can have special talents and are attracted to the healing fields such as medicine, massage therapy, psychology, and any field dealing with other people’s resources. If you do not feel deeply connected with others or if you are not able to dig deeply into situations, you can become bored and restless. You are sensitive to other people’s emotions, especially anger, rage, jealousy and resentment. With practice and time, you can become a powerful force of change in the lives of others.

Jupiter in the Eighth House

When Jupiter is in the eighth house, you are a person who is blessed with intuition and other people’s resources.  Out of all the placements of Jupiter, this is the most beneficial.  You will be taken care of financially and materially by others in your life.  This is the placement of inheritance and you will often inherit property, money, possession or a special gift from someone in your family or your spouse.  You will benefit from the sacrifices of others and they will give up things in their own life in order for you to succeed.  You may have a grandparent who saves their money for you to attend college.  Your parents might give up going to college themselves in order for you to go and they decide to pay your rent when you are in college.  Many blessings will be bestowed on you throughout your life and you will benefit by embracing this fact.  Sometimes you might feel guilty about what others give to you, but you have to overcome these feelings.  You need to understand that you are destined to benefit from others success and generosity.  The more you allow others to give to you and be thankful, the more you will begin to understand this placement. 
    You may be a person who has to sacrifice things in your own life at some time.  Many times people with this placement will have to give up things important to them, especially things that they know are not helping them grow.  Once you give up the very thing you think you need, the miracles of the universe will start working in your life.  Your greatest dreams and wishes will start to come true.  You will realize that by letting go of things and through your own pain, you grow and more abundance is bestowed upon you.  For instance, you may have had a relationship partner that was a bad influence in your life, treated you badly, disrespected you, but you still loved them.  You may have felt intuitively that you needed to let them go and end the relationship, but you were unable to end it.  Through pain and heartache you were pushed to the limit and finally had to end the relationship.  As soon as you truly let that person go, release them, allow yourself to move on; that is when the blessing will arrive.  You will receive an answer, a gift, or a special present from the universe that uplifts you.  You benefit through allowing yourself to release the old and make way for the new. 
    This placement is very powerful and you are born with psychic abilities.  You might have the gifts of dreams, clairvoyance or you may be able to feel other people’s motive.  Your intuitive gift is important to share with the world.  The more you share your perceptions and insights, the more you will grow spiritually.  You will have many spiritually awakening experiences throughout your life and are someone who is lucky.  You are lucky because you will always know that there is something outside yourself guarding you, watching you, teaching you.  You know you are here for a reason and many people are not as fortunate as you to be shown this truth.