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Sun in the Eighth House

When the Sun is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who hides your true nature. You are an extremely private and secretive person. From a young age you were someone who thought about the mysteries of life and the things that most people consider taboo. You often lie in your bed at night and think questions like, “What happens when I die?” and you are haunted by an awareness of the fragility of life. Death is fascinating to you and at a young age you have a deep understanding of this process, unlike many others in your life. You are someone who often experiences the death of a close family member or friend in your early years and this death changes you forever emotionally. Many of you will lose your father at a young age through physical death or symbolic death where your father is not a part of your life. Your greatest suffering comes from your deep emotional nature and your awareness of the spiritual realms that others find frightening. You are born a seer and have strong psychic abilities. You are blessed with the gift of intuition, deep dreams, and depth of empathy for the suffering of others.

You will benefit from your father or his side of the family and benefit financially from him. If your father dies while you are young, you could inherit property, land, money or some special talent from your father. Your inheritances are usually monetary, but it is often a psychic gift that your father has passed on to you such as telepathy, precognitive dreams or clairvoyance. You experience psychic experiences and things that you cannot explain and this often haunts you. You spend your life investigating, reading, and studying a wide range of metaphysical subjects and are always seeking to understand yourself better. You are a natural counselor and others are drawn to your intense energy and magnetism. Others are subconsciously drawn to you for support and instinctively know that they can share their deepest, darkest, secrets with you. You are used to others telling you private things about themselves and nothing seems to shock you. You are born a natural psychologist and can help bring out the strengths in others. On the other hand, you do not like sharing your own secrets with others unless you trust them. Trusting others is often difficult for you, because you feel that they will not understand or accept you.

You are a natural healer and have healing hands. Your energy is healing to those that are weak, sick, or wounded. You attract others into your life that can be draining and these individuals can suck the life force from you. Those that are outcasts or in pain are drawn to you like moths to the flame and once you understand why, you can control this phenomenon. You must always be careful of others motives and have strong boundaries with those in the environment. You are like a psychic sponge and absorb much that is going on around you and sometimes this can cause you great mental, psychological and physical stress. It is like you have an antenna that reaches out and picks up on all the unconscious thoughts, emotions and situations that are occurring around you. Sometimes you will think about things that bother you and most of these things you do not want to know. The fact is that you do know these things because you are intuitive. You feel people’s pain which is a gift, but can feel like a curse if you don’t learn to understand it. You are a healer and enjoy helping others less fortunate, but you do not have to save everyone in the world. Your greatest lesson is to learn not to take on other people’s pain or karma. You naturally feel the pain of others and should always strive to acknowledge that it is their pain, not your own.

Sometimes you need to be restrictive about who you allow into your life and who you spend your time with. You must surround yourself with positive, spiritual individuals or you will feel lonely. You always feel different than other people and feel like you are from another world. In large groups you might be laughing with friends and outwardly social, but within yourself you always carry a wound and that wound is a feeling of separateness. This feeling of being different from others is true in many ways, but if you can begin to see that you are truly connected with others you can shift that feeling into someone much more profound. You can begin to see your oneness with all of those around you and find a deeper spiritual connection with others in your life.

You are drawn into career fields such as law enforcement, psychiatry, massage therapy, counseling, detective work and any field that deals with death in some way. You enjoy working behind the scenes and communicating and thinking about things unknown. You enjoy making the unconscious more conscious to yourself and others. People are either extremely drawn to you or they are uncomfortable around you because they sense that you know all their secrets, which you often do. Sexuality is often a big issue for you. You desire to be intimate with others but often find yourself feeling lonelier as you grow older. You suffer from intimacy and sexual wounds that might have occurred in your early years. If you were victimized in your life at some time sexually, it can be difficult for you to trust and share yourself physically with others. Your greatest healing comes from facing this pain and trying to transform it into your true gift, which is that of a wounded healer. Through your own suffering and pain you are able to truly empathize and understand others pain. This makes you a formidable opponent and a warrior for the rights of others. Unfortunately, sexuality is a strong learning lesson for you and many of you will either be highly sexual or asexual and can become restrictive of sex. Sex is either there or not there for you in your life. Sex becomes all or nothing for you.

You have a strong and powerful presence and when you walk into the room people notice you. Others are drawn to your magnetism and the air of mystery you carry. Your presence can bring out others secrets and all things that are hidden. Others need to be careful about hurting you because once someone betrays your trust, then you can cut them off forever. You are not a light hearted person and you value loyalty and honesty above all else.

Your father taught you a lot about finances and suffering. In some way, you were wounded by your father and at times feel that there is no way to heal from it. The truth is that the more you help others heal in your life, the more you heal yourself. You are truly blessed with healing abilities and healing hands. If you have not studied energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, or Healing Touch, at some time in your life someone will guide you into this direction. Your life will never be dull and with each passing year, you will grow in wisdom, and will become a truly spiritual person.

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Carmen has been researching the eighth and twelfth astrological houses for the past 25 years. An eighth and twelfth house person herself, she has personally experienced the energies and lessons of these two very spiritually transforming houses.

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