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Pluto Through the Astrological Houses

The planet Pluto represents intense change, death, transformation and healing. The position of Pluto shows where you have to suffer and where you have a deep wound. The wound Pluto causes is experienced in your childhood. Whichever house Pluto is placed will reveal where your wound is found and how you can heal it. Pluto shows were you have intense emotions and shows where you will be transformed. Pluto will bring change into your life and this change is important because it helps you grow as a person. Pluto rules energy healing, psychological healing and emotional rebirth. Pluto is associated with Scorpio and rules death and transformation. Pluto forces us to grow, forgive and release the past which binds us to our pain. It helps us heal ourselves on a deep level and the changes Pluto brings into our life will always be helpful for our spiritual growth.

Pluto in the First House

When Pluto is placed in the first house, you are a person who has an intense, magnetic appearance. When you walk into the room, people notice you immediately. You are a powerful person and a strong opponent. Other people are either extremely drawn to you or they are afraid of you. Many people will run in the opposite direction. You will find that people either love you or hate you instantly. There is something about you that people fear and it’s your energy. You give off an intense, powerful energy and people are afraid you will know their secrets. Your presence makes people feel vulnerable and your energy brings out all the painful, hidden emotions, and emotional pain they have repressed. You influence others in the environment and you may feel that you prefer to be alone. You feel everything in the environment and are extremely psychic and intuitive. You can see deeply into situations and often know what is going on with others without them having to say a word. You are very secretive about your own nature and personal problems. You are a natural healer and people who are wounded are drawn to you.

Pluto in the Second House

When Pluto is placed in the second house, you are a person who will experience dramatic changes with your finances. You may feel unsettled when it comes to your money and possessions. You always have a feeling that things could change at any moment, which they often do. You are destined to experience the loss of material and security things at some time in your life. This loss will enable you to accumulate and regenerate more finances and possessions in the future. You may lose at times, but you can also gain increased wealth in the process. Your values and priorities will be forced to change throughout your life. Your sense of security is always threatened and you constantly feel uneasy and have a feeling that something could happen to make you feel uncomfortable. You like to feel comfortable and secure, but Pluto in this house makes you feel unsettled. You can never feel the level of stability and security that you long for.

You may lose your possessions in a fire or some type of tragedy. This experience will forever change you and the way you view security issues. You will be reborn and become a stronger person based on what you have to go through. You will learn that money does not necessarily make you happy. You have to embrace change into your life and know that it is a part of your own soul growth. You may inherit money, possessions and land from someone when they die. You have a powerful ability to attract the things you desire. When you truly begin to not care if you lose things, this is when you will begin to find more stability in your life. You will find that things work out better for you.

Pluto in the Third House

When Pluto is in the third house, you are a person who enjoys deep and powerful conversations with others. You like to communicate with others about topics that are deep and meaningful. You are good at getting others to open up to you about their problems. You prefer to keep your own problems private and do not readily trust others. Others may feel that you are secretive or that you never really open up to them. You have a desire to delve deeply into issues and to try to figure out what makes people tick. You are good at undercover communication and researching subjects that are mysterious.

You are a powerful communicator and command the attention of others. When you speak, people will listen to you. You help people change the way they view communication and information. You may have a great writing ability and are able to write about spiritual topics such as death, metaphysics, spirits or healing. You will enjoy teaching others about topics that interest you. You can go to extremes in your communication with others. One day you may want to talk for hours about topics that interest you and then the next day you will want to be quiet and reclusive.

You may have had a sibling who died at a young age. You may not have understood what happened to them and you may blame yourself. You carry loneliness within your heart, especially if you did not have any other siblings. You carry a wound that revolves around expressing yourself in words. You may have had a stuttering problem when you were younger and people made fun of you. You have to learn to heal yourself from the losses you experienced and learn to trust others again. You have to learn that you can express yourself without being tormented. The more you communicate and write, the more you will heal yourself.

Pluto in the Fourth House

When Pluto is placed in the fourth house, you are a person who obsesses about your home and family. You have a tendency to go to extremes with your family and you may feel that your family was not supportive of you. There is often some type of loss that occurs in your childhood. You may have lost one of your parents at a young age through death or divorce. Your home life was tumultuous and there were many intense changes that took place in your home. You never really felt safe in your own home and might have distanced yourself from your family. You probably preferred to spend time at your friend’s houses because you felt safer there. There was always a feeling that something bad was going to happen in your home. The energy was intense and explosive.

You may have witnessed your parents fighting in the home and this could have led to physical violence at some point. Something profound happened when you were a child and this is where your wound is. You may have had a sibling or close family member die at a young age. The death impacted the entire family and there was a huge hole that was hard to replace. You may have been victimized by a family member sexually or someone in your home might have been sexually abused. The home life was full of secrets and there was always a feeling that something was going on, but no one would ever talk about it. These experiences are typical with Pluto in the fourth house. You are wounded, but are meant to heal yourself and be reborn again. Your healing comes from forgiving your family and creating your own home and family.

You have developed a way to protect yourself from your repressed childhood memories. As these memories are re-experienced you may need to talk to a counselor or someone who you can trust. You are supposed to heal these memories and learn to understand your experiences. You are not supposed to keep them locked away in a closet. You are meant to open them and face them in a healthy way. You can heal yourself and create the loving family you desire. You just have to make sure that you let go of the past and learn to move into a brighter future with your own family.

Pluto in the Fifth House

When Pluto is placed in the fifth house, you are a person who experiences powerful sexual attractions and romantic feelings. You have a strong desire to express yourself in a dramatic way. You are romantic and need strong passions to continue a relationship. You get bored easily in relationships, unless there is an abundance of chemistry and love. You go to extremes in your relationships and your emotions are either on or off. You can be totally attracted to a person one minute and then you can be repulsed the next day. Your mood can change easily and your feelings are always growing, evolving, and transforming.

You may have a strong desire to work with children in some way. Children will be a source of healing for you and can help you heal your own inner child. You have a powerful energy that draws children to you and they will naturally like you. You may have difficulties conceiving your own children and may experience miscarriage at some time in your life. Your life will be transformed if you become a parent and you will be very protective of your own children.

Your romantic relationships are especially unstable and you can attract possessive, controlling, intense partners. You need to be strong and try to learn to have healthy boundaries. You can experience unexpected, intense attractions to the opposite sex and this can get you into trouble. You are prone to having secret love affairs and many times these relationships will end in disaster. Many people will get hurt in the process and you could possibly divorce because of your secretive relationships being exposed. Whatever you try to hide has a tendency to be called out and shown for all to see. You will benefit by developing self-control and by learning not to act on all of your intense desires.

Pluto in the Sixth House

When Pluto is placed in the sixth house, you are a person who works intensely. You have a tendency to become obsessive at work and can become a workaholic. You make your work your life and take it very seriously. You are intense in the work environment and have a powerful impact on co-workers. People at work will be intimidated by you and feel threatened by your intensity. You can become angry at others if they do not have the same level of passion that you do at work. You need to realize that others are not always going to be like you, you have to learn to let yourself relax. You need time to heal your body from the physical demands you put on it.

You can be obsessed with your health, cleanliness, and diet. You may have obsessive-compulsive tendencies and can force yourself to be perfect. You often express these tendencies in the work environment or with your health. You will experience many changes with your health and the way you view work. You will go through miniature deaths and rebirths that force you to change the way you take care of your body. You may be drawn to the medical field and you might be interested in energy work and Reiki energy healing. You benefit from any career that allows you to delve deeply into things such as psychotherapy, research, politics, science, and anything related to death and dying.

You can be an intense person to work with and many of your co-workers are afraid of you. You give off a powerful, confident energy and this is important for you to understand. Many people may want to get to know you better, but the energy you transmit makes them think you are not interested in them. You will benefit by taking the time to get to know others that you work with and show them you genuinely care. You are a powerful worker and can accomplish much with intensity and stamina. Just make sure that you do not isolate everyone around you, because you might find yourself alone once you reach the top.

Pluto in the Seventh House

When Pluto is placed in the seventh house, you are a person who has intense and stormy relationships. Your greatest wound comes from intimate relationships, especially your marriage partner. You have a great desire to marry and have companionship and then on the other hand you feel like you want to be alone. You go to extremes in relationships and need to find a balance. If you marry, you will have an intense relationship with your marriage partner. You have a temper and your anger can erupt violently towards those you love. You go to extremes when your emotions are ignited. You can thrive in conflict and enjoy arguing or you may ignore it completely. You are an all or nothing person and when you are happy with your partner, you will either love them completely or hate them tremendously. Your partners will always be afraid of you, after they see your two sided nature. It is like you have two different people living inside your body. You are aware of both of them, but sometimes you cannot control them.

You may attract abusive, possessive and powerful partners who might abuse you either emotional, physically or mentally. You may find it hard to break away from this type of partner, because there is part of you that craves intensity, excitement and passion. You may find yourself in a domestic violence type of situation where you are the victim and can easily turn into the offender. You may have to end many relationships before you find a healthy one. Many people with this placement will divorce at some time in their life. The ending of a marriage is symbolic of you healing your relationship wound and transforming yourself into a new person. You have to suffer in relationships at some time in your life, but it is part your mission. You will heal this wound by finding a healthy, compassionate, loyal partner. You can have a marriage and partnership but you need to make sure you have learned the lessons of this placement.

You may also attract powerful business partners or find that others want to partner with you in business. You need to be cautious about partnering with others as the relationship can end suddenly and abruptly. You can experience conflict with business partners and experience issues with power and control. As long as you have the position of authority, you can choose business partners that will help you grow. You can choose to partner with others that can bring you power, luck, and success. You are destined to experience change, loss, rebirth and transformation through your intimate relationships. You will become a stronger person based on all the experiences that you go through.

Pluto in the Eighth House

When Pluto is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who is born with a powerful intuition and psychic abilities. You are a natural born healer and are drawn to the energy healing fields such as Reiki and Pranic healing. Others are drawn to your intense energy and you impact the environment that you are in. You will draw people that need help and healing. Others are attracted to you like moths are to the flame. You may not understand why other people want to be around you when you are younger. As you get older, you will become aware of your powerful energy and learn how to use it to help others.

You have the ability to make inner changes within yourself, making your personality more powerful. You have a highly sexual nature and strong desire for passion. You can go to extremes with sexual activity and enjoy powerful sexual games. You will either have a lot of sexual activity in your life or none at all. Your sexuality experiences extremes of hot and cold. You have to feel a deep connection to someone to desire to be intimate with them physically. You are a natural psychologist and can see the motives of others clearly. You are often able to help people with their problems easily and you are perceptive of what they need to hear. You are able to bring out other people’s secrets. Others will feel vulnerable around you and they feel as if everything that they have repressed, you have called out of hiding. Your presence and energy makes others face all the darker, hidden things in their personality.

You are fascinated with death and the afterlife. You want to understand what happens to the body after death and the process of soul evolution. You may want to study near-death experiences, metaphysics, occultism and any field that helps you understand the purpose of life. From a young age, you understood death and had an innate awareness of your own immortality. You might have been afraid at times to die or obsessed about death. This is a normal process of this placement and is your emotional wound. Your wound is your knowledge of the fragility of life and the awareness that life changes and must end for all of us one day. As you get older you can heal this wound by becoming more spiritual. Your own understanding of the laws of the universe will help you overcome your wound and you will become a wounded healer.

Pluto in the Ninth House

When Pluto is in the ninth house, you are a person who has a strong desire to study and learn as much as possible. You are an intense student and are very competitive in your learning environment. You are self-motivated and can push yourself extremely hard in your studies. You are interested in subjects such as spirituality, mysticism, death and archeology. You enjoy traveling to places that are historic and have religious significance, like Egypt and Greece. You might go through periods where you have an intense craving for travel and then other times you may wish to stay still. You have a restless nature that craves knowledge and deep understanding. You need to study and learn things that are deep and meaningful.

You are attracted to religion and philosophy. You will enjoy transforming your beliefs and will probably break away from the religion that you were raised with. Your wound comes from your religious background and journey. You may have had to change the way you view the world and what you believe happens when we die. These fundamental questions probably haunted your mind and made it difficult for you to continue believing what you thought was truth. Your beliefs were stripped from you and you felt a sudden, drastic change in your beliefs about the world. You can heal your wound by embracing other religions, philosophies, beliefs and cultures. You will learn to heal yourself through travel to spiritual destinations that are transforming.

You need to be cautious about getting involved in cults or religious orders that try to use control over you. You are drawn to intensity and at some time in your life you may get sucked into an unhealthy religious group. They may try to use your beliefs against you or as a way of controlling you. You need to make sure that you always think for yourself and be strong in what feels right to you within. Throughout your life, your beliefs will always be transforming and changing.

Pluto in the Tenth House

When Pluto is placed in the tenth house, you are a person who has a strong desire to achieve a successful career. You are ambitious and work hard to achieve your goals. You like for transform your work environment and can be a great catalyst for change. You have a powerful presence and need to be on stage or in the public arena. You can charm others easily and bring them to your side. You are drawn to powerful positions and enjoy being in a leadership role. You are drawn to career fields such as medicine, research, psychology or criminal justice. You may work as a police officer or detective, where you can work behind the scenes to change the lives of others.

Your relationship with your father is where you suffer a wound. Your father might have died when you were younger or there was something that transformed your relationship. You may have experienced a lot of conflict with your father and arguments over power. You may have felt that your father was controlling you or trying to make you live your life the way he wanted it to be. You can learn to heal this wound by forging your own path and by living the career you have always desired. The success that you will have in your career will help you understand that the pain you felt from your father was a pain that you needed to push you to achieve your goals.

This placement makes it difficult for you to stay in a boring job. You need constant change and growth in your career field and you might feel that you need to change jobs often to experience that level of change that you are comfortable with. Your jobs can change often and sometimes you will not be able to work at the same place, because you feel something has died. You can find it difficult to work somewhere when the energy is stagnant and dormant. You need to feel like you are growing inwardly and outwardly. There may be times when you feel an intense energy come into your life and force you to change your career or job. At some time in your life, you may completely change your career path. Whatever choices you make will be for you to continue to grow and evolve.

Pluto in the Eleventh House

When Pluto is in the eleventh house, you are a person who desires to be a part of a group. You may have an intense desire to be a part of a powerful group. You can be a strong influence in groups and enjoy taking the leadership role. You enjoy the feeling of power that you get from influencing groups of people. You may try to control your friends and have a hard time letting them go. You are extreme in your friendships and are either extremely loyal or extremely aloof. You do not make friends easily and many people are intimidated by you. Only certain types of people will be strong enough to be friends with you. Your energy is intense and many friendships will end in your life. Many people can not handle your strong energy. You can be possessive of your friends and they may feel that you do not trust them. You are good at getting your friends to tell you all their secrets. Although, you never like to reveal too much about your own personal life to them. You can be extremely sensitive when you are in groups and pick up on the undercurrents that go on in those situations. You easily pick up on the secrets that others are keeping and intuitively know when a friend is hiding something from you.

You put intense effort into achieving your hopes, wishes and dreams. You throw all of your being into the things that you like. You can give your all to things that you want to achieve, which makes success easy for you. You create change in groups and have a desire to change society in some way. You want to have a lasting impact on the world and make an important discovery to change the way society does things. You do not always know what you want to do, but you feel an inner urge driving you to find it.

Your wound comes from friendships and groups. You need to feel that you can rely on your friends and trust them. It takes a lot to earn your total trust and you always distrust others motives. You have been wounded in your younger days by people who you thought were your friends. Someone may have hurt you and lied to you. This caused you to doubt others character and motives. As you get older, you will learn to heal this wound with wisdom. You will have the perception and intuition to accurately judge others before you befriend them. You can screen potential friends and make sure that they are as loyal as you are. You can heal this wound with patience and by understanding that no one is perfect. You are destined to have strong and intense friends in your life. You will never be alone, even if you desire to at times.

Pluto in the Twelfth House

When Pluto is in the twelfth house, you are a person who hides your powerful feelings. You like to hide who you really are. You prefer working behind the scenes and like influencing things secretly. You often have a powerful position and give orders to others behind the scenes. No one will ever truly realize the power you have in the world, because you like to hide the influence you have. You have a very secretive nature and are always hiding from others. You have intense and passionate emotions that you try to hide and this can lead to secret love affairs. You can become obsessed with your romantic feelings and find it hard to concentrate. You can become addicted to your own emotions and develop unhealthy relationships with others that are difficult to end.

You are born with psychic abilities and a deep understanding about life. You are naturally spiritual and seek time alone to meditate, write and think about spiritual issues. You can have time where you can deny yourself and give up things for your spiritual path. You have intense sexual desires and may try to become celibate as a test to yourself. You like to push the limits and you enjoy feeling the adrenaline of intense emotional interaction. You are a passionate person and you enjoy risk taking behaviors. You need to be careful about getting involved in drugs or alcohol. You can become addicted easily to substances and find it hard to give them up. You bottle up your emotions and keep them secret from others, which can lead to escapism. You feel a powerful need to escape from the world into your imagination or through alcohol. You feel anger intensely and sometimes it turns into a rage that you try to repress and hide. Make sure you learn how to express your powerful emotions in a healthy way, because if not you could become sick.

You will benefit by studying anything spiritual. You need to feel a connection to God and this is where your wound begins. Your relationship with your father was possibly strained or non-existent. Your father might have had an addiction to alcohol, a mental illness or may have died at a young age. You must learn how to heal and love yourself. You may feel that you do not have a physical father and this causes you immense pain and suffering. You will heal your wound when you learn to turn your face towards God, who is your true father. You are destined to seek a spiritual connection with the universe and this will help you heal your inner wounds.

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