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Planets in the Eighth House

Sun in the Eighth House

The focus is on hiding one’s true nature and makes the individual extremely private and secretive. These individuals are blessed with intuition, psychic abilities, deep dreams, and depth of empathy. These individuals often benefit financially from the father or the father’s side of the family. Healing energies are the blessing of this placement and this person often keeps who they are a secret. Many individuals with this placement are drawn to fields such as law enforcement, psychiatry, massage therapy, counseling, detective work and any field that deals with death, change and behind the scenes actions. People with problems and pain are drawn to these individuals for healing. These individuals have a strong, powerful, intense presence.

Moon in the Eighth House

The focus is on concealing the emotions. These individuals are emotional, passionate and sensitive. They feel other people’s pain and the suffering of others weighs on them. They have to learn to protect themselves because they are highly emphatic and absorb all of the secrets and subtle energy in the environment. These individuals often benefit financially or receive an inheritance from the mother or the mother’s side of the family. These individuals suffer through sacrifice of themselves for others and often in their lives feel victimized emotionally by others. Issues of sexuality often bring confusion and suffering until they find the right person to share intimacy with. These individuals bond through the sexual experience and need not only physical but emotional depth in any relationship.

Mercury in the Eighth House

The focus is on depth of thought and communication. These individuals need deep communication and intellectual intimacy in relationships. They enjoy sharing their deepest, darkest secrets with others and need others to open up to them verbally. They often keep their thoughts to themselves for fear that others will not understand them. These individuals often think about death and their own mortality and at times worry about this topic. They have a keen, insightful mind and sharp tongue.

Venus in the Eighth House

The energy is focused on keeping the love nature secret and private. These individuals often benefit through the marriage partner and tend to marry someone of a higher financial status than themselves. They are blessed by the partner’s possessions and relationship. Their love nature is deep, possessive and intense.

Mars in the Eighth House

The energy is used to express aggression, drive and ambition. These individuals often find themselves in conflict with others and with relatives at sometime in their lives. The sexual nature is strong with this placement and can become addictive if not balanced. These individuals have intense passions and dramatic shifts in emotion. They feel strongly about things and respond assertively. There is danger of accidents and surgeries. These individuals need to exercise regularly as it will aid in balanced health. If they repress their natural energies and drives they can find themselves suffering from illnesses. It is important for them to have a healthy outlet for their intense nature.

Jupiter in the Eighth House

The energy is focused towards expansion, abundance and good luck. These individuals often inherit money, land, and goods from the dead. They often are naturally lucky and are looked after by others. They draw financial and material things into their lives easily. This is a positive position of Jupiter and I often see individuals with intuitive gifts that come naturally.

Saturn in the Eighth House

The energy is focused on learning and discipline. These individuals are learning self-control and often repress their desires. Sexual tensions are high with this position and often these individuals are afraid of intimacy. They can overcome this fear by being vulnerable and letting go of the need to control their own emotions. This placement also shows a karmic wound in areas of sexuality, intimacy, relationships, death and inheritances. The positive manifestations of the eighth house may be blocked with this placement, because Saturn is the planet of karmic learning and this process is sometimes painful. The true lesson of this placement is to let go of the past and learn to trust others and themselves.

Uranus in the Eighth House

The energy is focused on unexpected changes in finances, intimacy and death. Oftentimes these individuals inherit money unexpectedly. There is caution with this placement that individuals drive safely and avoid any high risk behaviors. They need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Anything that goes too fast such as cars, planes etc. needs to be controlled. Unexpected flashes or visions are common with this placement. Mystical experiences that come and go throughout the life are common. These individuals will benefit from others in their lives financially or emotionally in some way, even though they may not ever believe it or prepare for it.

Neptune in the Eighth House

The energy is focused on finding a spiritual union with a mate. Intimacy is taken to a spiritual level and sexual intimacy can become almost platonic with this placement. These individuals need to take caution not to take alcohol or drugs. They are ultra sensitive to chemicals and drugs which can disturb the mind and spiritual experience. This is a natural spiritual planet and sitting in the eighth house makes these individuals vulnerable to negative energies, people and situations if they abuse substances. Mystical experiences are common with this placement. There may be problems with inheritances and other people’s resources.

Pluto in the Eighth House

The energy is focused on power, control, sexuality and privacy. These individuals are born secretive, intuitive and psychic. They have a powerful ability of healing and have an intense presence. They see through fakeness and cannot tolerate superficiality. They are strong and people are often intimidated by them in some way. They have a look of confidence and a “don’t mess with me” look on their face. They are natural healers and are drawn to the healing professions. Many psychologist, therapists, and counselors have Pluto in the eighth. The downside of this placement is that I often see individuals that were sexually abused or sexually victimized in some way. This feeling of being victimized comes not only from physical experiences but also emotional experiences. There is a feeling of regeneration and rebirth that these individuals must experience. This can be a painful placement if these issues are not discussed, healed and processed with someone these individuals can trust.

North Node in the Eighth House

Individuals with North Node in this house are born to be healers. There spiritual mission this lifetime is to heal others and many do this through energy work such as reiki, pranic healing, yoga, massage therapy and psychotherapy. These individuals are learning to let go of the past and detach from the need for physical, material and emotionally security. They must embrace change and oftentimes the universe forces them to change by taking things away from them. This can manifest as divorce, death of a loved one, loss of job, etc. The purpose of this pain is to force these individuals to become more spiritual and to become the “wounded healer.”

South Node in the Eighth House

Individuals with South Node in this house are meant to focus on finding security and balance in their lives. They have been through drama, change and upheaval in the past and now desire to settle down and find comfort. They are meant to stick with things to completion and not end things before it is time. They are born to accumulate possessions and to focus on practical matters this lifetime.

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