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Moon Signs & Healing

Most people know what their sun sign is. It’s based on the day and month we are born. In astrology, the sun sign represents our main personality, identity, where we shine, and how other people see us. In my opinion, the moon sign is an even more important part of our personality. Emotions are powerful and the moon in our birth chart shows our inner emotional nature. Our moon sign is the part of ourselves that we often hide or only express when we really get to know someone. The sun sign is our outer appearance, andwha the moon represents our reactions, tendencies, and urges.  

    The moon travels through each zodiac sign every two to three days. It’s important to understand our moon sign because it represents where we feel emotional fulfillment, comfort, and passion.  Our emotional nature and how we express our feelings will be impacted by the sign the moon is in when we are born. It’s important to calculate your birth chart so you can know exactly what sign and house the moon is located in. You will need your month, date, and year of birth, exact time of birth, and place of birth to calculate an accurate birth chart.  You can do this by visiting

    My favorite thing about each moon sign helps me understand other people’s emotional natures. There are twelve moon signs and each is ruled by a natural element: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.  Below I will discuss each moon sign and some of its strengths.

    Aries moon people are resilient, strong, determined, and able to push forward quickly after negative emotional experiences. I like how they never give up. Taurus moon people are patient, stable, affectionate, and calm. I like how they make up their mind and slowly work hard to achieve their goals.

    Gemini moon people are friendly, witty, restless, communicative, and social. I like how they can adapt to situations and change their emotional reactions in the moment. Cancer moon people are intuitive, nurturing, protective of their loved ones, and moody. I like how they ensure that their loved ones are taken care of when they are sick or have problems. Leo moon people are charming, fun, playful, confident, and romantic. I like how they make you feel special and encourage those they care about to express themselves.

    Virgo moon people are perfectionists, shy, hardworking, high-strung, and excellent at communicating what they really feel. I like how they can take over in a disorganized environment and bring order and stability in crisis situations. Libra moon people are peaceful, easy-going, fair, and focused on pleasing others. I like how they can make you feel better with their calm emotional presence.

    Scorpio moon people are intense, secretive, deep, powerful, and strong. I like how they are self-reliant, perceptive, good listeners, and transformative healers. Sagittarius moon people are on the move, restless, adventurous, and independent. I like how they always try to be positive and help others grow more optimistic.

    Capricorn moon people are serious, practical, responsible, and reserved. I like how they work hard to achieve what they want, their determination to succeed, and how loyal they are to those they love. Aquarius moon people are detached, eccentric, creative, freedom-loving, and friendly. I like how they are not afraid to be unique. Pisces moon people are compassionate, spiritual, creative, artistic, and romantic. I like how they are not afraid to love and express their emotions in deep ways.

    All twelve moon signs have strengths that help them overcome challenges in life and become more resilient. Astrology is a map of the soul and when we understand our moon sign, then we can understand our inclinations, tendencies, and urges. We can tap into what makes us feel alive and find emotional fulfillment.

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