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12th House Astrology

with Diane Wing, Wing Academy Radio

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Life in the Hologram

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Life in the Hologram

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Upcoming Classes and Events

12th House Monthly Discussion Circle

February 11, 2024

Starts Feb 11 and will meet 2nd and 4th Sundays at 1 PM CT. Subscribe month to month or automatic monthly subscription. The cost is only $30 dollars and includes discounts on Carmen’s classes, and events, and includes lessons, workbooks, etc.

New Class- Explore the Mysteries of the 8th and 12th Houses

March 24, 2024
5 Sundays at 12 PM-1:30 PM CT

Phoenixes and Angels (5 sessions on Sundays starting March 24)

Receive practical advice and tips on how to implement self-care strategies to overcome challenges, and gain greater self-awareness and understanding of the patterns of these two spiritually transforming houses.

This workshop can benefit astrology students, seasoned astrologers, beginners, and those who want to learn how to counsel individuals with eighth and twelfth-house planets.

Carmen will discuss why she feels that twelfth-house people are “Angels” and eighth-house people are “Phoenixes.” She believes people who planets here possess special psychic abilities, talents, and gifts. They are here to help others and are natural psychologists.

New Moon Manifestation Circle-Monthly

February 8, 2024

Every month there is a new moon in a different astrological sign. This is the perfect time to manifest your dreams and goals. We will meet monthly as a group to discuss and work together on harnessing the powerful new moon energy and bringing it into our practical lives. This group will meet monthly on each New Moon Date. The next meeting is February 8, 2024.

Register at the link–a02cc471-3efd-4ba6-a221-01ce33793c7c/salespage

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