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Moon Signs & Healing
The Resilient Eighth (8th) Astrological House
Mystic Living Today

Meaning of Pluto in the 12 Astrological Houses
Excerpt from "Phoenixes & Angels: Mastering the Eighth & Twelfth Astrological Houses
Mystic Living Today

Resiliency & Your Sun Sign
Llewellyn Blog

Sun Signs, Houses, and Healing
Aspire Magazine

Five Positive Things About the 12th Astrological House
Mystic Living Today

The Mysteries of the Twelfth Astrological House
John Hunt Publishing Blog

How to Use Your Sun Sign for Healing
Llewellyn Publishing

The Twelfth Astrological House: Fallen Angels
Mystic Living Today

Astrology from a Christian's Perspective: Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars

A Deeper Look at the Planets: Mercury
Merlian News

Why is Astrology Considered Occult?
Intuitive Connections

The Mysteries of the 8th Astrological House: Part 1
Merlian News

The Mysteries of the 8th Astrological House: Part 2
Merlian News

The Sun in the Twelfth House: Suffering & the Father
Merlian News

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