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Mars in the Twelfth House

When Mars is placed in the twelfth house, you are a person who hides your true feelings and desires. You have a strong spiritual nature and are very intuitive. You are driven and like to delve into the depths of your own mind and the minds of others. Your selfish desires are often hidden from others and no one really knows what you really want. Sometimes your desires and actions are influenced by a force outside yourself. You often feel an overwhelming sense of mission, but avoid opening up to others because of your own unconscious fears.

You may feel repressed and have an inability to express your restless nature outwardly. You tend to internalize your passions and intense feelings, finding them difficult to express. You will feel angry like most people, but it will be difficult for you to express it. You often turn your anger onto yourself, which can cause health problems. You should try to meditate every day to help relieve your pent up energy. You have a strong desire to serve others and help those that are wounded. You can fight for those that are abused, abandoned and alone. You enjoy rescuing people and like to feel that you are appreciated for your kind actions. You can fluctuate between extremes of anger and then show extreme compassion. Your compassionate nature is intensified with this placement and sometimes you might neglect yourself for others. You will benefit by trying to understand your complex nature by utilizing writing, journaling and spiritual pursuits.

There is a danger for you to become involved with alcohol or other self-destructive behaviors. You need to face your problems head on and not blame yourself for everything that happens. You may try to escape from your painful experiences and find it hard to face daily life. You are prone to depression, which often is a natural part of your personality. You can overcome your loneliness by seeking things that have meaning and finding your own sense of spirituality. You may need to talk to a counselor about your problems and emotions, which will create a healthy outlet for your pent up feelings. You like to hide your problems from others and put a lot of effort and energy into being secretive about your faults. You need to be careful and watch out when you are driving or operating machinery. You are vulnerable to cuts and injuries, and may have to have surgery at some time in your life.

Your relationship with your father is something that causes you pain. In childhood, your father might have suffered with alcoholism and was not emotionally or physically there for you. You may have argued with your father and might have felt like you had to take care of him because of his weaknesses. You feel like you have an absent or missing father figure and are always seeking something from others, which is acceptance. When you turn your energy towards spirituality and connecting with your higher power you will feel more secure. Be careful not to allow your father’s problems to become your own. You need to be cautious about using alcohol or drugs, because you are highly susceptible to addiction.

The blessing of this placement is a gift of intense spirituality and compassion. You need to learn to love yourself and open yourself up to others. You will benefit by learning to express yourself freely and to trust that others will appreciate your honesty. You will always feel that anger is a difficult emotion to deal with, but the more you embrace it, the more you will grow. You will be happier when you stop allowing others to take your power.

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