Welcome Deep Soul Divers

This community is dedicated to all Eighth and Twelfth house people.

What makes someone an 8th or 12th house person?

It is someone who has planets in the 8th or 12th astrological houses or someone who has an abundance of Scorpio and Pisces energy in their natal chart. This is a safe place for deep soul divers to learn, connect and share personal experiences with others that have shared similar experiences with these two spiritually transforming houses. This website was created as a support group and discussion board to bring individuals with 8th and 12th house planets together.

Our goal is to be a supportive learning atmosphere and a bridge to link all 8th and 12th house people together from all over the world. Join us and help us build our support community.
The 8th House is the most intense and powerful house in astrology. It rules death, regeneration, rebirth, healing, transformation, darkness, sexuality, behind the scenes energy and anything taboo and secret. All the energy of Scorpio and Pluto/Mars bring a heightened awareness of the deep, dark things in life that most people hide from. This is a place where all eighth house issues can be discussed, shared and brought out into the light for greater understanding. Eighth house people all share similar experiences. This is a safe place for anyone interested in the eighth house or astrology to share their experiences, learn, network and interact with others.
The 12th house is the other most spiritual and mystical house in astrology. It rules cosmic consciousness, oneness with God, compassion, service to others, psychic abilities, imagination, addiction, secrets and much more. All the energy of Neptune and Pisces bring a heightened awareness of the spiritual world and the divine. This is a safe place for anyone interested in astrology and the twelfth house to share their experiences, network and interact with others.
© 2022 Carmen Turner-Schott 
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