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Chiron in the Eighth House Part 2

The story of Chiron is about a man who was born half man and half horse. In a nutshell his mother gave birth to him and then abandoned him which started the initial wounding. He was lucky to be adopted and raised to be kind. Drawn and attracted to medicine and healing he spent his time helping others. In astrology Chiron is considered an asteroid and not a planet. Many astrologers believe that by looking at where Chiron is placed in the birth chart they can point to where you need to heal. It is also where you have the greatest capacity to heal others.

I want to discuss the energy of having Chiron in the eighth astrological house. I have been on my own journey trying to understand Chiron and was questioning if it actually had an impact on my life. It took me awhile to understand how Chiron influences us, but now I realize it has a transforming effect. When I first started studying astrology, I did not pay much attention to this asteroid. I started researching Chiron later in my life and I’m going to share my personal experience with having Chiron in the eighth. I have this placement and its conjunct my Moon and Jupiter.

For the past twelve years I have experienced many transforming and painful experiences. I have heard similar stories and intense experiences from clients. The first thing I noticed was many people describe Chiron as the wounded healer. I wanted to figure out for myself what the difference was between Chiron and Pluto. The planet Pluto shows where we have a wound and where we have potential to heal our wounds. The Chiron wound seems to remain and always be there under the surface. Wounds stay with us as a reminder of what we have been through. An imprint on our soul, similar to a tattoo that is always seen and felt.

There is often a cycle of being wounded by the people we love and trust. Being wounded can manifest in many ways and can be verbally, emotionally, sexually, physically, and energetically. The wounding typically happens when we are involved with someone in an intimate relationship. It can start out at a young age such as being bullied or picked on as a child. When we look at the eighth house, we understand that it’s the house of death, sex, transformation, rebirth, intimacy, sacrifice, other people’s resources, and the house of intense things.

The wound of Chiron can involve death, loss, and rebirth. These wounds tend to develop through intimate relationships with people who are in our inner circle and with those who we have chosen to trust and have relationships with. Each wound makes you stronger, braver, and more courageous. When Chiron is in the eighth house, you always feel that people want to hurt you. You are more empathic and sensitive than most people. How people treat you can leave marks on your soul.

I truly believe that Chiron in the eighth house brings a special energy. Many people with this placement have told me they feel like other people use them, manipulate, and hurt them. They want loyalty from others but they feel people are never loyal. Feeling like other people always take your kindness for granted creates a need protect oneself. Through the process of being wounded, Chiron in the eighth house people develop a very passionate desire for helping others. Since many with this placement are wounded through intimacy, they understand other people’s loss and heartache. It’s like wounds are always with them, right on the surface and it’s like a scar that never heals. Scars show toughness and power.

People with unhealed pain are drawn to eight house Chiron people. Many people seek healing from you and this can become a lonely placement. You feel like no one can help you heal and you have to do it on your own. Wounds come through feeling abandoned, tossed out, and betrayed. Guilty feelings that they did something to deserve being hurt can haunt them.

Opening up and sharing deep parts of yourself with others is when Chiron is ignited and transforms us. Being vulnerable and trusting others is a karmic lesson. We found our soul mate or at least we thought we did. I think the hardest thing about this placement is feeling that we can’t trust others. Scars are a constant reminder of what you have been through. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the eighth house Chiron person rises, transforms and is reborn.

Abandonment is often associated with Chiron, because he was abandoned by his parents and then hurt by Hercules, he retreats into his cave to try to heal his wounds by himself. No matter what he does the wounds are still there, serving as a reminder of what he went through. These wounds remain a part of him, his scars a reminder of his true purpose. His true purpose is to become a wounded healer. Chiron becomes known as a teacher for many people. This is the same destiny for people with Chiron in the eighth house. They are destined to become “wounded healers”.

Eighth house Chiron people find their way through feeling needed and feeling that they have deep connections with others. They have a very calming effect upon other people. People say their energy is very calming and that is one reason people are drawn to them. As they begin to draw people into their lives, this helps them heal inside the deep trust issues, the deep vulnerability issues that they have been struggling with. They begin to learn to love themselves and trust their own intuition again. They stop before they sacrifice themselves for others. They learn not to sacrifice their happiness and be a martyr, even when they attract all these people that have a lot of problems that just take, take, take from them. Chiron in the eighth house people develop a sense of aloneness and this can be a strength which leads to independence. They realize that they don’t need anyone to fulfill them, and that their own happiness and healing and understanding and growth comes from within. That is their superpower.

The true power of Chiron is that special healing energy that lives within a person. It emanates out into our environment and draws people in. When Chiron is in the eighth house there is a constant inner healing at all times that we are experiencing. You know that we are constantly being reborn. The old self is stripped away, the old personality is stripped away. The emotions change and feel like they have died and changed overnight. Chiron in the eighth house people feel reborn daily, like the Phoenix bird shedding its old skin morphing into a whole new person. Eventually this cycle will happen again and again.

When their wounds are ignited, they will realize that they are meant to heal. Don’t be afraid of having this placement. You can find happiness and healing. Having Chiron in the eighth house is actually an amazing placement because it heals you from the inside out. The true lesson is depending on yourself and find a deep bond with yourself.

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Carmen has been researching the eighth and twelfth astrological houses for the past 25 years. An eighth and twelfth house person herself, she has personally experienced the energies and lessons of these two very spiritually transforming houses.

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