8th House of Astrology

The House of Sex, Rebirth, Transformation, Healing, Other People's Resources
Chiron in 8th Astrological House

Carmen discusses the energy and experiences of those born with Chiron in the eighth house in the astrology chart.

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Mercury in Eighth House (Excerpt from Phoenixes & Angels)

When Mercury is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who hides their thoughts and ideas from others. It is difficult for you to trust someone because you are a very private person. Blessed with a perceptive mind seeing through fakeness, superficiality, and verbal accolades is a gift. There is a need for […]

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Mars in the Eighth House (Excerpt from Phoenixes & Angels)

When Mars is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who has a strong sexual nature. You often find yourself involved in relationships that are deep and highly sexual. Bonding with someone on a physical level makes it difficult to ever let go of that person. You become jealous, angry, obsessive and find […]

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Jupiter in the Eighth House

When Jupiter is in the eighth house, you are a person who is blessed with intuition and other people’s resources.  Out of all the placements of Jupiter, this is the most beneficial.  You will be taken care of financially and materially by others in your life.  This is the placement of inheritance and you will […]

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Venus in the Eighth House (Excerpt from Phoenixes & Angels)

When Venus is placed in the eighth house, you are focused on keeping your love nature secret and private. You will benefit through the marriage partner and tend to marry someone of a higher financial status than yourself. Blessings come through romantic partners. Your love nature is deep, possessive, and intense. When you fall in […]

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Moon in the Eighth House (Excerpt from Phoenixes & Angels)

When the Moon is placed in the eighth house, you are a person born with a highly sensitive emotional nature. You are drawn to anything mysterious and fascinated by hidden things. Your emotional nature is intense and secretive. Hiding your true emotions and feelings from others due to fears of being misunderstood is a way […]

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Saturn in the Eighth House

When Saturn is in the eighth house, repressing emotions and a strong secretive nature is common. You work hard to avoid change. Controlling by nature, you dislike the unexpected. Even though you have psychic abilities and a strong intuition about things, you can be afraid of trusting yourself. Don’t repress your natural healing gifts and […]

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Phoenixes & Angels: Mastering the Eighth & Twelfth Astrological Houses- Pre-Order Now

Carmen's new book is available for pre-order on Amazon, B&N, Books a Million, and other sites now. Releases 1 July.

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Pluto Through the Astrological Houses

The planet Pluto represents intense change, death, transformation and healing. The position of Pluto shows where you have to suffer and where you have a deep wound. The wound Pluto causes is experienced in your childhood. Whichever house Pluto is placed will reveal where your wound is found and how you can heal it. Pluto […]

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Planets in the 8th Astrological House: Your Greatest Weakness

When planets are in the eighth house at birth or through transit there are challenges that test you and growth comes through difficult experiences.  The experiences in the eighth house help us become closer to ourselves and our soul. The eighth house is related to hidden things and planets here make us more secretive, private, […]

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