12th House of Astrology

House of the Unconscious, Cosmic Consciousness, Service to Others, Escapism
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Five Positive Things About the Twelfth Astrological House

In astrology, there are twelve houses that represent different areas of life. The most spiritual house in the birth chart is the twelfth house. The twelfth house is associated with the astrological sign Pisces and the planet Neptune. Traditionally, it is known as the house of loss, sorrow, suffering, secret enemies and escapism. There are […]

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The Twelfth House: Fallen Angels

The twelfth house is the most spiritual house in our astrological chart. It is often shrouded in mystery. Many astrology books that I have read could never explain the twelfth house in a way that resonated with me. After many years of research, I realized that only someone with twelfth house planets could actually truly […]

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Alone Time Versus Isolation

As a 12th house Sun and Venus person I have always felt the urge to withdrawal from the world and spend time alone. I loved hanging out with people for a certain amount of time, but even at a young age I realized I was different. I had a strong need to stay home or […]

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Venus in the Twelfth House: Secret Love Affairs & Heartache

In our astrological chart, the planet Venus represents love, affection, beauty, and harmony. The house where Venus is placed in our natal chart will reveal our emotional expressiveness and our ability to express love. Venus will show what kind of lover we are and what traits we find attractive in others. The house where Venus […]

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Mercury in the Twelfth House

When Mercury is placed in the twelfth house, you are a deep thinker and often hide your true thoughts. You are a person who finds it difficult to express yourself to others. You are shy and can find it difficult to let others into your life, because of your private nature. You are a deep […]

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Moon in the Twelfth House

When the moon is placed in the twelfth house, you are a person who has a very spiritual nature. Your intuition is strong and you may have an ability to read other people’s emotions which is truly a gift. You keep your emotional nature secret and hidden from others. Still waters run deep with you […]

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Saturn in the Twelfth House

When Saturn is in the twelfth house, you are a person who tries to repress their fears and doubts. You are a person who may suffer from depression and sadness. You will work very hard to cover up your depression and try to overcome it. You need to be easier on yourself and understand that […]

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Jupiter in the Twelfth House

When Jupiter is in the twelfth house, you are a person who is born with intuitive gifts. You are shielded from many of the negative energies of the twelfth house. You have a guardian angel that watches over you, that shields you from the pain and suffering often found here. You have a vivid imagination […]

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Mars in the Twelfth House

When Mars is placed in the twelfth house, you are a person who hides your true feelings and desires. You have a strong spiritual nature and are very intuitive. You are driven and like to delve into the depths of your own mind and the minds of others. Your selfish desires are often hidden from […]

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