A Practical Look at the Planets Through the Houses

A Practical Look at the Planets Through the Houses is written in a basic, practical way for anyone interested in learning more about astrology. The content is written to cover practical, hands on scenarios and is based on years of astrological research with clients. Each planet is discussed in-depth according to which house it is located in within the birth chart or natal chart. This book can also be used to understand transits, progressions of planets through the houses as the energy will be the same for all these different types of charts. The goal of this book is to help the average person, astrology student, and seeker to be able to easily grasp the energy of each planet, house and to understand the karmic situations, life experiences and emotional struggles that occur with each placement. God created astrology and it is an energy that affects our personality and life. It is meant to be used to create greater self-awareness and an understanding of others.

© 2022 Carmen Turner-Schott 
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