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8th House (Scorpio) North Node

Astrology’s Magical Nodes of the Moon

The North Node represents your soul mission this lifetime. The personality traits of the astrological sign that the North Node is in are the traits that your soul needs to develop this lifetime. It’s new territory and can be very uncomfortable. It is not easy to embrace this new energy because it’s painful. From my experience, this is the most painful placement of the North Node. The North Node in Scorpio is known to be the most difficult because it forces change. I want to focus on some tips and strategies to help you embrace the positive aspects of this placement.

You will feel the pull towards your North Node energy during your first Saturn Return which starts around age 27. For the first time in your life, you will start to feel things in your chart and become aware of feelings similar to the eighth house and Scorpio. Releasing energy patterns, relationships, mental blocks, and karma of the South Node will take time. North Node in Scorpio people have to let go of Taurus personality traits. The South Node represents your deeper soul, personality, and what you’ve already mastered in past lives. In this lifetime destroying those personality traits that no longer serve is the mission. These traits need to be released, changed, buried, and transformed.

Taurus energy rules the second house and involves learning lessons about security and comfort. As a previous Taurus, you will crave security, financial stability, and comfort in life. Taureans love material security, owning nice things, having a roof over their head, eating good food, beautiful art surrounding them, and money in the bank for a rainy day. Security will be tested and you will be forced out of your comfort zone. This can be a painful process because Scorpio is all about death which represents transformative change.

The person with this node is in a constant pull between death and rebirth throughout their entire life. These nodes are really powerful. Learning eighth-house energy is extremely important, and you really have to understand your inner Taurus nature and accept that you cannot be a Taurus anymore. You need to start looking at how you can embrace the personality traits of the sign Scorpio. Focus on embracing this new energy that’s foreign to you, maybe uncomfortable, and difficult at times. It’s not warm and fuzzy feelings like the Taurus South Node. It’s a little bit scary and a little bit painful to become a Scorpio but it forces you to grow.

Start consciously doing things to move towards your North Node personality traits. Read everything you can about Scorpio. Letting go of all the negative traits of Taurus and embracing the positive traits of Scorpio is the lesson. Scorpios are resilient, hide emotions, cut people off easily, and use their powerful personalities to achieve goals. Ending things and moving forward releasing the past comes naturally for Scorpios. They’re like, “Okay, I’m done with this. I’m moving on,” and they will push forward.

Taureans struggle with doing that because they are connected to the past. People with Taurus South Node enjoy reminiscing about their childhood, roots, family, and previous experiences. Connections to childhood friends, lovers, and memories make it hard to let go. Change can be difficult and this node forces you to transform your entire personality. Shredding the comfortable parts of yourself and facing new uncomfortable aspects of your personality.

Focusing on the future is what Scorpio North Node people need to learn. Focusing on what’s positive in your life and putting effort into manifesting new goals, and new memories is critical. Psychological endings are needed to get in touch with your soul’s mission. Letting go of things that hold you back or keep you stuck in the past is the true power of the Scorpio North Node. Being a healer, finding strength, embracing spirituality, and becoming a survivor is the mission of the North Node Scorpio person.

The only way to become strong is through experiencing pain. Unfortunately, emotional pain can be very intense. Feeling that you have to sacrifice something for others is associated with these nodes. Releasing things is more difficult for people with the South Node in Taurus. They are known to stay in learning patterns for way too long. Scorpio North Node people can stay in unhappy relationships and jobs due to fears of change. They don’t like change. When they try to change it happens in baby steps. They will never make huge changes without planning. It takes time for them to learn how to do this, and it will not happen overnight.

You’re destined to be healers, psychotherapists, and counselors who help people with emotional trauma. I have this node and I’ve experienced several lessons that are similar to what clients have shared with me. Many astrology books describe these nodes as the most challenging and painful. This node creates strength of character through difficult life experiences. By having things you care about stripped away from you, there is greater resilience. A strong, passionate nature develops with time and inner wisdom.

Releasing South Node Taurus’ energy of needing comfort and constant stability will be the greatest challenge. It’s okay to have comfort and stability in your life, but the problem is that Taurus South Node people tend to hold on to all these things too tightly. This can prevent growth as a person. Never struggling for survival, you will be blessed with material things. Part of the lesson of this node is learning to release attachments. By letting go of material things you can shake off outworn ideas, beliefs, and behaviors.

North Node Scorpio people experience many deaths and rebirths. Finding a way to live a simple, peaceful, and spiritual life is important. Many clients tell me that after the age of 60 which is after they survived their second Saturn Return, they have now released everything from their lives that made them feel stagnant and prevented growth. Developing deep soul mate bonds in this lifetime is their destiny.

Mastering everything Scorpio is important. Attracting Scorpio friends and coworkers will help you understand this new energy. Releasing material possessions and the need for financial security creates a shift. Learn to be more generous and less controlling. Find spiritual hobbies such as astrology, tarot, energy healing, crystal healing, yoga, and meditation. Find what you love to do and have that be your spiritual outlet. Forgiving others and starting a brand-new life creating new memories for the future are the ultimate goals.

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